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WIMBY is a ground-up campaign that aims to pre-empt tensions and counter "Not-In-My-Backyard" sentiments from the community by amplifying the message that MWs are Welcome In Our Backyards. Our mission is to mobilise all of Singapore society to create a safe space for our MW brothers, with the wider goal of normalising relations between MWs and Singaporeans. 

Since MWs first moved into our neighbourhoods in April 2020 due to the Covid-19 outbreak, we have curated a set of wide-ranging initiatives, reaching out to local residents, schools and a national audience. WIMBY comprises of more than 40 volunteers from all walks of life, with 3 key teams working on different initiatives: Local Integration, National Advocacy and Media Strategy.

The initiatives we have are all listed in the "Initiatives" tab.


WIMBY Lead: Nicole Ooi

Local Integration Lead: Daneel Shih

National Advocacy Leads: Jiayu Qiu & Julia Wong

Media Strategy Lead: Elly Chaw

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