Migrant workers providing essential services (MWs) have moved into our local neighbourhoods. We aim to pre-empt tensions caused by the rehousing effort and counter NIMBYism by amplifying the message that MWs are Welcome In My Backyard, or WIMBY. Our mission is to mobilise all of society to create a safe space for their new MW neighbours within their local neighbourhoods, with the wider goal of normalising relations between MWs and Singaporeans. 

Since MWs first moved into our neighbourhoods in April, we have curated a set of wide-ranging initiatives, reaching out to both local residents and a national audience. The initiative comprises volunteers from all walks on life, with 4 key teams working on different initiatives: Local Integration, National Advocacy, Media Strategy and Translations.


Welcome Notes

Our Local Integration team invites you to post Welcome Notes on our website, or on your own social media.

These are messages of encouragement for our new MW neighbours.

We have collected more than 1000 Welcome Notes, which we translate and distribute to MWs. These notes are also available on our website.


School Partnerships


Our Local Integration Team has engaged schools on issues affecting our MWs.

Long-term partnerships have been forged through the Values-In-Action programme.


Schools such as Yuan Ching Secondary School and Geylang Methodist Secondary School  have partnered with WIMBY to reach out to their new MW neighbours.

Backyard Conversations

Past Initiative

Our National Advocacy team had organised panel discussions titled Backyard Conversations.


Panellists including MWs are invited to share about their experiences dealing with COVID-19 and exclusion, providing a platform for our audience to learn more about their lived realities.

Conversation Starters


Our National Advocacy team has curated short videos to address unanswered questions from our Backyard Conversations initiative.


Our MW panellists utilise this platform to talk about their lives, including what they do on their off days, how dating is like for MWs, and much more!

Wellbeing Activities

Coming Soon!

Our Local Integration team is looking into this! Stay tuned!

Mental Health Campaign

Coming Soon!

Our National Advocacy team is looking into this! Stay tuned!

Backyard Jams

Past Initiative

We organised a fun afternoon singing virtual karaoke between our allies and MWs!

Migrant Cultural Show

Past Initiative

We helped to assist Migrant Cultural Show to organise their annual cultural exchange, with this year's edition held on 21 June.

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