Migrant workers providing essential services (MWs) have moved into 21 refurbished blocks of HDB flats in Redhill Close, and the 4-block “diamond flats” in Yuan Kuang Road. More rehousing efforts are underway in other neighbourhoods. MWs are already living in fear and distress given the high numbers of COVID-19 infection within the dorms. WIMBY aims to pre-empt tensions caused by the rehousing effort and counter NIMBYism by amplifying the message that MWs are Welcome In My Backyard, or WIMBY. Our mission is to mobilise all of society to create a safe space for MWs within their local neighbourhoods, with the wider goal of normalising relations between MWs and Singaporeans. 

The initiative comprises volunteers in the following key teams: Welcome Notes, National Advocacy, Media Strategy, Community Building and Local Integration.


Welcome Notes

WIMBY has issued an open invitation for to individuals to post Welcome Notes on our website or on their own social media accounts with the hashtags 
#welcomeinmybackyard and #WIMBY.

These are messages of encouragement for our MWs.

Our aim is to collect 1000 welcome notes that will be translated and distributed to our migrant worker friends. 

Backyard Conversations

WIMBY has organised panel discussions titled #BackyardConversations. Panellists including MWs are invited to share about their experiences dealing with COVID-19 and exclusion, providing a platform for our audience to learn more about the lived realities of MWs.

Virtual Community

We have launched a Facebook group titled #BackyardHangouts, where informal leisure activities are organised for interested MWs and Singaporeans.

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