In light of how MWs have recently moved into our local neighbourhoods, WIMBY is a ground-up campaign that aims to pre-empt tensions and counter "Not-In-My-Backyard" sentiments by amplifying the message that MWs are Welcome In Our Backyards. Our mission is to mobilise all of Singapore society to create a safe space for our new MW neighbours, with the wider goal of normalising relations between MWs and Singaporeans. 

Since MWs first moved into our neighbourhoods in April, we have curated a set of wide-ranging initiatives, reaching out to both local residents and a national audience. WIMBY comprises of more than 40 volunteers from all walks of life, with 4 key teams working on different initiatives: Local Integration, National Advocacy, Media Strategy and Translations.

The initiatives we have are all listed in the "Initiatives" tab on the menu above.


WIMBY Co-Lead: Nicholas Oh

WIMBY Co-Lead: Nicole Ooi

Local Integration Co-Lead: Ethel Pang

Local Integration Co-Lead: Natalie Chu

National Advocacy Lead: Shannon Phuah

Media Strategy Lead: Elly Chaw

Translations Lead: Daneel Shih

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