Welcome In My Backyard (WIMBY) is a volunteer-run campaign that raises awareness in relation to Migrant Workers (MWs), with the primary aim of humanising MWs in the local community's eyes.

Interested to find out if you have new migrant worker neighbours in your backyard? Use the WIMBY Map below to find out! Here is a handy user guide on how to use the map:

  1. Click on the Green Pushpins for general information about sites in heartland neighbourhoods. The Black Pushpins represent industrial sites.

  2. Click on the Magnifying Glass to activate the address search function. Type in your address or postal code to see if there are any rehoused sites near you!

  3. Below the introduction to the WIMBY map is a List of Rehoused Sites. Click on each of the 25 sites listed to find out more about the site (site history, initiatives, pictures, etc).

  4. For a better user experience of the map, you may click on the pop-up icon (i.e. consisting of an arrow emerging from a square) located at the bottom right to access the map using the ArcGis interface.

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